Aims and Topics

Real-time multimedia services are contributing to enhance our life experience and are expected to be among the most important applications in future generation networks. The management of real-time multimedia services is an important key to attract and keep customers, while increasing profits to content providers. The efficient delivery and deployment of real-time multimedia services over emerging diverse and heterogeneous wired and wireless systems is a challenging research objective. The interoperability of applications, transport and network protocols, as well as, the demand for improved Quality of Service (QoS) and user experience, and seamless mobility control creates a challenging study field and also possibilities for research of novel communication protocols, architectures and methods towards Future Multimedia Networking Systems.

 The objective of the Future Multimedia Networking (FMN´08) workshop is to discuss state-of-the-art research and developing activities contributing to aspects of multimedia systems, and networking. We are inviting both theoretical and experimental papers as well as work-in-progress research. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·        Multimedia management in next generation networks

·        Content delivery networks

·        Audio-visual systems

·        Novel protocol for multimedia services

·        Grid networking for multimedia services

·        Multimedia in personal, sensor and ad-hoc networks

·        Multimedia in peer-to-peer networks

·        Quality of service management in multimedia networks

·        Quality of experience management in multimedia networks

·        Management of service oriented architectures

·        Seamless mobility of multimedia services

·        Novel multimedia architectures/platforms

·        Multicast and broadcast multimedia service management

·        IP multimedia system operations and management

·        Resource reservation for multimedia services

·        Multimedia in mobile and broadband wireless access networks

·        Experiments/lessons from recent deployments

·        Performance evaluation of multimedia services

·        Network measurement/monitoring for multimedia services

·        Pricing, accounting and billing for multimedia services

·        Watermarking of Multimedia Data

·        Reliability, availability, serviceability of multimedia services