Joint NGMAST and FMN Keynote: Wednesday 17 September 2008

 Challenges in Content Networking

Dr. Andreas Mauthe
Lancaster University
United Kingdom



Due to the technological developments, production of multimedia content is no longer restricted to first tier producers since also "normal" users produce and provide their own content. This is facilitated by the fact that many citizens are nowadays connected to some kind of communication networks and want to use them for sharing content they produce. This community networks can be virtual and social networks (such as MySpace and YouTube) but also physical networks (e.g. Community Mesh networks such as Wray). This Keynote discusses the issues related to  end-user communities and how they can efficiently share, distribute, manage, and use audio-visual content via these networks. At the network level  issues in the delivery path are being looked at as well as  P2P-based overlay solutions for content services. While these concerns are reflected in a three layer architecture comprising community networks, overlay networks, and content service networks, we believe that it is of importance to integrate those different concerns and consider at the same time cross cutting issues, like monitoring, adaptation, and routing. Therefore the resulting challenges are discussed in the context of a framework architecture covering all these aspects.  Furthermore, a research road map will be presented discussing the anticipated trends in Content Networking in the future.



Dr. Andreas Mauthe is a Senior Lecturer at the Computing Department, Lancaster University. He has been working in the area of distributed and multimedia systems for more than 15 years. His particularly interests are in the area of content management systems and content networks, large scale distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, autonomous environments, and self-organisation aspects.

Prior to joining Lancaster University, Andreas was heading a research group at the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM) at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The group covered a wide range of topics within the distributed systems and communication space. Areas addressed have been content management systems and content distribution networks, different aspects of peer-to-peer systems, as well as business process and trust issues. At KOM he was responsible for a number of European, national and industry funded projects.

After completing his PhD in Lancaster in 1997 Andreas worked for more than four years in different positions in industry. He was General Manager UK Operations and member of the division's management board of the Content Management Systems Division of Tecmath AG (now Blue Order), a German based software house and system integrator working in the area of content management (mainly for the broadcast industry). As Chief Development Officer (CDO) for the same company he was in charge of the development of the asset & content management system media archive. Further, he was responsible for a number of customer as well as European funded research projects. Andreas has been acting as organiser, chair, and programme committee member for various conferences. Further, he has been participating in standardisation activities (e.g. ISO and SMPTE) and has been serving as expert advisor and evaluator for the European Commission.